Step-by-step Guide of How to Wash a Synthetic Wig

Has the wig hair started looking frizzy? Has your cap turned oily? Then it’s the right time to wish your wig. However, the problem here is how to wash a synthetic wig?
When it comes to wigs, the process of washing and cleaning differs from the normal hairs. You need to be extra careful and gentle while washing a synthetic wig. But no worries when we ‘re here! Here we are putting you forward to the best way to wash a synthetic wig. Whatever synthetic wigs collection you have, viz. it is Raquel Welch wigs or curly wigs, you can apply the same process for all sorts of synthetic wigs.

What Items Do You Need to Wash the Wig?

Here are the items, you will require before or during washing the wig:
  • A wig brush to remove any spray built-up in the wig or to apart each fiber
  • A wig shampoo and wig conditioner, which will clean up the fibers benignly
  • A clean towel
  • A wigs stand to put the wet wig on it
By having these items, you can wash your synthetic wig easily. Let’s now head towards the process to wash and retain the originality of the heat resistant wigs
Ultimate Guide of How to Wash Your Synthetic Wig Carefully!

You need to wash your wig when it turns lifeless, tangled, or dull. Before washing it, remove the knots (if any) by gently brushing the wig and separate the hair fibers too before taking it to wash. But that needs to be done with the utmost care and attention. 

So, you need to take care of two things:
  • Do not drag or pull off the fiber
  • Gently remove the tangles with a light brushing
By keeping it in mind, brush the wig gently. Here are the steps mentioned to answer you how to wash a synthetic wig, you need to implement for its proper condition:

#1: Soak the Wig

Firstly keep one thing in mind that don’t ever use a washing machine to soak the wigs. So, to wash, use basin or sink and mix wig, shampoo, and cold water. Keep your wig and Soak for five minutes, or even you can soak for a longer time depending upon the dirt it has. But being it soiled or dusty, doesn’t mean to rub or wring or twist it. Keep it straight and soak it gently.

#2: Clean the Wig

After five mins of soaking, dip the wig up & down in the water subtly. Use a toothbrush or small brush to remove makeup stains from the wig.

#3: Rinse the Wig

Take cool water and rinse the wig thoroughly and gently within it.

#4: Condition the Wig

As you have finished up the washing process, it’s time to retain the original condition & style pattern of the wig. For this, you need to condition it. Even it enhances the life of your wig besides maintaining its originality.

To condition the wig, you will need a synthetic wig conditioner. This invariably keeps the mobility of fiber besides making it softer than earlier because it contains specially blended oils. For this, the process is:
  • Refill the basin with clear & cool water
  • Add two capfuls of synthetic wig conditioner to the cool water
  • Now dip your wig to this conditioner solution
  • Use your fingers to immerse the wig into it gently
#5: Rinse the Wig

Again it’s time to rinse the wig in the fresh water thoroughly.

#6: Dry up the Wig

Excess water can ruin the wig styling by stretching its fibers, so take a towel and pat out extra water from it. Now it’s time to use your wig stand. Hang your wig loosely onto it.

Don’t use a blockhead or Styrofoam head to place your wig as it will stretch the wig cap. Besides, it’s never suggested to comb the wet wig or use a blow dryer to dry up the wig. Simple air drying is the best way to dry the wig, though it takes more time at the same time, ensures healthy looking fibers.

Note: Don’t apply the same way while washing human hair wigs. It needs different care while washing, like, we don’t recommend you to use blow-drying for synthetic wigs, but human hair wigs get originality and give optimal results with blow-drying. So, both wigs and the ways to wash them, differ in one direction & another.

How Often Do You Require Washing the Wig?

The number of times you need to wash your wig depends upon the number of times you use or wear it. Every four to six weeks or after even thirty time wears, you will need to wash out your wigs. However, if you perfume heavily or smoke daily or perform any such activity, then you should wash the wigs more often than mentioned above.

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Final Words!

Though synthetic wigs need little maintenance and care, you need to wash it at regular intervals to keep its perfection intact. You need to care it too just as one does for natural hairs. Your care and proper washing can enhance its life and make it durable to wear it for maximum times.
This tutorial will help you properly wash the wigs and keep it original despite the number of times, and you wear it. We hope this would be helpful for you!