Bring Style With Kate (Lace Front) Human Hair Wig

If you are looking to buy a human hair wig that offers the most natural and elegant look at the best price, Kate Lace Front Wig is the perfect hair wig that you should get. Kate Lace Front wig is a long-layered beautiful hair wig which features 100% real human hair that is gently tied to a Monofilament Cap providing comfort and elegance throughout the day. This stunning styled hair wig adds security and versatility to your hairline. Most of the wig wearers love its realistic shape, comfortable feel, and unlimited styling options. You'll feel gorgeous in this lace front hair wig.

Need To Know More About This Wig Style?

As Kate Lace front wigs are made from utmost quality Remy human hair, these are easy to wear and style. This innovative hair wig features a monofilament top that ensures a natural looking scalp and elegant style off to the face. No tape or adhesive required! No dye is used in the styling process, leaving the natural hair splendidly healthy and ready for custom styling, color, and highlights if required.

Who Should Buy This?

Kate Lace Front Wig is made from high-quality human hair. Such hair wig is easy to care for utilizing mild wig care products specially designed for human hair wigs. Using this lace front wig, you'll experience true-to-life shape and long lasting comfort. Kate Lace Front Wig is popular among regular wig wearers, celebrities etc.

Features of Kate Lace Front Wig:

Flawlessly Contours Without Tape: This finely woven and welded lace front will fit in with the state of your head taking into consideration greatest styling flexibility and the most secure fit conceivable. 

Matchless Comfort and Realism: Each hair is hand-attached to the lace, making the deception that the hair is developing from your own hairline. Also, the fine lace front is so smooth and delicate, you'll never encounter scratching or aggravation. 

Never Unravels or Runs: SmartLace is a welded trim, where each intersection of two strings is ultrasonically warmed to hold fast the strings to each other. In view of this fortifying element, SmartLace can be trimmed to fit your own particular hairline without danger of the material disentangling, extending or losing its shape. 

Totally Customizable Style: Elite-quality human hair is the way to creating your own particular style. Human hair can be styled with warmth to make any look, for quite a while. Restrictive Renau Naturals (RN) colors, which accomplish magnificently characteristic tints without colors, give you boundless alternatives for shading or highlighting your wig, in addition to the most beneficial sheen conceivable.


Head Size: Average (21.5" – 22.5")
Cap: Monofilament, Lace Front, Hand Tied
Hair: Pre-Permed Remy Human Hair
Weight: 4.6 oz
Nape: 12.75"
Fringe: 9"
Crown: 10.5"
Sides: 10.75"
Price: $2,001.95

Kate Lace Front wig needs less or no styling. Head out with style and confidence!


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