Effects Of Using Permanent Hair Wigs: Taking Into Account Their Goods and Bads!

Looks like you have made your mind about using permanent hair wigs, a feasible and recommended non-surgical option for dealing with balding and alopecia. Well, you might definitely have some doubts about the short-term adjustments and long-term effects of wearing permanent hair wigs or hair toppers. So today, we will state some facts and bust some myths about the same!

Here’s everything you need to know about wearing wigs:

1) Wearing hair wigs for too long leads to the suffocation of the natural hair beneath the wig. So, whether it is for cosplay or regular use, it is suggested that you let your natural hair breathe. You can do this by getting a wig cap with a breathable weave or by regularly removing the wig at intervals. This way you will keep your natural hair strong and healthy, which otherwise would get weak and start falling, leading to permanent damages.

2) If you wear the wig in haste over damp hair or wear a damp wig, this can lead to building up of mold and fungus inside the wig itself. This can also cause problems for your scalp too like itching, irritation, and other infections.
3) You will need separate shampoos and conditioners for your hair and wig. Once you wash the wig, make sure that it dries on a wig stand. This way the shape stays normal and the wig doesn’t dig in to your scalp or adds stress to your natural hair for gaining support. So make sure you use only the prescribed wig products for better and long-lasting results.

4) It is possible to get headaches because of wearing the permanent hair wig for a long time. You must have a schedule as to when you require the wig and let your scalp breathe in the meanwhile. Other issues include dandruff, damaged hair, and hair loss in the long run. So it is very important to stay cautious about your natural locks while using wig systems.
5) Not using the right size wig cap can also cause prolonged headaches and migraines. Therefore, sticking to the dimensions is imperative.

Though these are some common issues with wigs, if worn with proper care and attention, there’s no other alternative better than wigs. However, wearing a wig is a personal choice. Not everyone is embarrassed about their hairless scalp. With a bald look and heavy beard in trend these days, men are deliberately shaving off their heads to look cool and sassy. So wig or not to wig, the choice is yours. What matters is how you feel.

Moreover, in order to avoid some of these common problems that users face while wearing hair wigs, we would like to suggest some remedies.

So here’s to buying the right kind of wig:

Buy a hair wig that fits your head. Get a measurement of your head and shop at the online wig store accordingly. These stores also have virtual guides to help you with the right buy.

Buy good quality hair wigs and by this, we mean natural hair wigs with a nice cap in soft materials that provides good breathing space and ventilation for your natural hair.

The wig cap should have great support both in the front and back. While shopping for wigs for men, make sure that you take into account the latest short hair trends and look for tapes, adhesives, glues, and clips too for easy fix-ups.

Go for comfort—always. If possible, try the wig cap before purchasing it. If it is within your budget then you can also order a customized wig that has been built to suit your needs.

Also, even if you are wearing hair wigs on a regular basis, try using head scarves, head bands, and caps wherever possible. Just give your natural hair a chance to breathe! Not only will this restore your confidence but also help you build assurance about dealing with mishaps if any happen.

So, here’s to wigging and making the most of permanent hair wigs. You can experiment with styles, shapes, and designs without making permanent changes! Give it a go. But just make sure you do not overdo anything. Keep it balanced.